Sensory Twister Chain


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    • This fidget toys is twistable energy that enables a flow of creativity from your mind. It can be a puzzle, a movable sculpture, a desktop toy, a fidget, a brain tool, an anti stress device, a teacher supply, or even a cosmic art toy with special powers.
    • Therapy consists of the classic inter-connected twistable ‘tangle’ pieces with larger, latex-free rubber coated pieces with distinctive raised tactile nodules to provide a sensory-calming, tactile experience. It encourages repetitive movement patterns which are good, both for fine motor skills, range of motion and strength, as well as the calming sensory aspect.
    • You can manipulate your toy into different shapes to focus your attention and reduce stress. The fluid movement of twisting and turning your Toys lead to a release of creativity and expression that is both productive and relieving for an excellent range of emotional support
    • Small size and easy to store in pocket suitable for travel, party favors, giveaways, schools, organizations, special needs, relaxation, great to share with your family and your friends


Out of stock

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