Sensory Rainbow Unicorn Poppet


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    •  Well, what can we say. It’s been a crazy year! Sometimes we just need a little bit of relief during these crazy times. This pop fidget is a great sensory tool you fidget with again and again.
    • Ever catch your children, or maybe even yourself, pop the bubble wrap right of the box of a package? Then you’ll love this bubble fidget. Having this pop fidget toy is like having infinite bubble wrap!
    • This pop bubble is long-lasting, you can endlessly reuse and wash it after using multiple times. It only needs to be cleaned after each use, and pop fidgets toy can be used endlessly.
    • Pop fidgets toy players take turns pressing down any number of bubbles they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last bubbles loses. Push and “pop” are a great fidget toy and other sensory toys.
    • Press the bubbles down and then pop fidgets toy to make a slight pop sound”pop”; then flip fidgets toy over and start again! A crisp voice can ease your anxiety.


Out of stock

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