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HP 302XL (F6U67AE) High Capacity Colour Ink Cartridge


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The high capacity HP F6U67AE ink is a tri-colour cartridge delivering magenta, yellow and cyan colours. You can print approximately 330 pages with the more economical HP 302XL high yield  original ink cartridge.

Contains 1 x Colour Original Cartridge

302 XL  – 330 Pages

Fully Guaranteed

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Out of stock

Compatible with HP DeskJet 1110,HP DeskJet 2130,HP DeskJet 2132,HP DeskJet 2134,HP DeskJet 3630,HP DeskJet 3632,HP DeskJet 3634,HP DeskJet 3636,HP Deskjet 3637,HP Deskjet 3638 All-In-One,HP DeskJet 3639,HP Envy 4511 All-in-One,HP Envy 4512 All-in-One,HP Envy 4516 All-in-One,HP Envy 4520 e-All-in-One,HP Envy 4522 e-All-in-One,HP Envy 4523,HP Envy 4524 e-All-in-One,HP Envy 4525 e-All-in-One,HP Envy 4526 All-in-One,HP Envy 4527 e-All-in-One,HP Envy 4528 All-in-One,HP OfficeJet 3830HP OfficeJet 3831,HP Officejet 3832 All-in-One,HP Officejet 3833,HP Officejet 3834,HP Officejet 3835,HP OfficeJet 4650,HP Officejet 4652 All-in-One,HP Officejet 4654 All-in-One,HP Officejet 4655 All-in-One,HP Officejet 4656 All-in-One,HP OfficeJet 4658,HP Officejet 5230

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