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Compatible Epson 18XL – Set Of 4 Ink Cartridges High Capacity T1816

Contains 1 x Black, 1 x Cyan, 1 x Magenta and 1 x Yellow Cartridge High Capacity


Replaces Genuine Epson 18XL

Fully Guaranteed

Epson Daisy Set

Black (17ml) Colours (13ml)

Dispatched From Our Retail Shop




Compatible with

Epson Expression XP-102,Epson Expression XP-202,Epson Expression XP-205,Epson Expression XP-212,Epson Expression XP-422,Epson Expression XP-218,Epson Expression XP-225,Epson Expression XP-305       Epson Expression XP-302,Epson Expression XP-30, Epson Expression XP-312,Epson Expression XP-315,Epson Expression XP-322,Epson Expression XP-325,Epson Expression XP-402,Epson Expression XP-405,Epson Expression XP-412,Epson,Expression XP-415,Epson Expression XP-215,Epson Expression XP-425


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